Taper Means More Time with Your Best Friend

“Taper allows us to stand on the start line of our race feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!   So relax and enjoy your taper.

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A New Kind of Taper

Taper Madness?

If you’ve ever done a distance race you are familiar with the process of tapering.  The final two to three weeks of training we gradually slow down.  We rest our bodies, we heal our muscles, and we mentally prepare for race day.  Runners usually suffer through the taper; it’s a necessary part of racing but we don’t love it.

 After months of training, after months of sharpening our mental focus, after months and months of logging miles, getting up way too early, and threading the delicate balance between training and life it just hurts to slow down.  We get cranky.  We feel lost.   Worst of all we have no outlet for our pre-race jitters.  

Something Changed

But during my last few tapers, something different happened:  slowing down didn’t bother me.  Lately during taper I run exactly how I feel.   There is no glancing at my watch, no demands on myself to push through it.  It is incredibly freeing.   I’m fit and strong enough to let go, and it feels great!  My mind is resting along with my body.  I spend more time playing with my dog, more time enjoying nature, more time doing headstands at the park!  Life is a grand adventure.  Taper is the perfect time to relish it!

Relax and Refresh

So when it’s time for your taper, enjoy it!  You have worked super hard.  Use taper time to slow down and reconnect with other things that fuel you.  You have certainly earned it.  On race day you will stand on the start line ready to push yourself to a new limit with a fresh mind and an eager body.  So relax and enjoy your taper.  Then go crush it!